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The Sis In Law

I knew you'd be happy. (Note the understatement there?) Fab blog. Lots of LOL's as usual. And those last two sentences are genius. No less. BTW who DID cover the World 20Twenty tournament? I was belatedly watching the Monaco GP on the Beeb iplayer whilst simultaneously reading tweets when I saw that the final was not only being played but had been won!!! By England. Gulp.... And re Footie World Cup, I feel the overwhelming need to emigrate to a deserted isle, to be honest, although hopefully it will be one of those gloriously hot June months when everyone has all their windows open and I can experience the tournament by echoing cheers and groans across the metropolis. What? I can dream too.

The Sis In Law

Just noticed your tags. LOL again x


I want in on that fantasy league.

Lev Parikian

You are in. Full details, as they say, to follow.


Frank D.

Lev, this relative lack of enthusiasm for the forthcoming world footie tournament wouldn't have anything to do with the recent fortunes of a particular Merseyside Premiership club, would they?

Just wondering...

Anyway. I understand your concern about the disparity in media coverage afforded to the Twenty20 win, compared to what will obviously be serious overkill in the run-up to the forthcoming events in South Africa, but I believe the sport of Cricket is aware of its hitherto shortcomings as a populist spectacle and is making bold strides towards addressing these.

One has only to recall the scenes at the Kensington Oval on Sunday, to appreciate the effort being put in by all concerned to compete with that "other" sport for the hearts and minds of the public.

The exuberant and over-the-top celebrations, the shirt-flinging, the scarf and flag-waving, the tattoos, the champagne-spraying, the bouncing huddle, the chest-thumping, the chanting. But enough of the WAGs' behaviour. The players also contributed.

And the crowd would certainly have given any of those at last week's playoff semi-finals a run for their money.

Yes, Cricket is having to react.

Evidently, this is the way forward. A shorter, concentrated, more intense contest; catering to the ever-diminishing attention span of the average thrill-sated viewer.

But please don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed the Twenty20 tournament and England's performances were thrilling. And it was fabulous to finally win a World Title.

Although, I have to say I haven't yet become enthused with this IPL set-up. Can't really get passed those daft team names (which, I admit, is strange coming from a Crystal Palace supporter).

Lev Parikian

Frank - thanks for the lengthy and interesting comment. To answer some of your points: as an Oxford fan, Ive been able to ignore the disaster that was Liverpools season. My disillusion with Premiership football stems more from the same thing that made me stop watching the IPL after a week: too much, not good enough.
Talking of Palace, I wonder if Mr Jordans skills would be best deployed replacing Mr Modi in the IPL setup? Just a thought.


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