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The Sis In Law

All major, proper World tournaments are a substitute for WW3. As such rabid Jingoism and rampant propaganda come with the territory. Territory doesn't come with winning, mind you.

I expect frustration and endless punditry at bad start, lots of 'plucky fighters' and scraping through to quarters, equal dismay and joy at scrappy sneak into semis, even more endless punditry at possibility of winning final, excitement and country-wide euphoria during semi leading to country-wide depression and post-match hangovers when we lose semi and a welcoming home heroes/lambasting the guy who missed his penalty punditry war until the next sporting event comes along.

I'll probably just be interested in any obvious new talent that I wasn't aware of before. (By talent, I don't mean facility with the ball, you understand).

Oh and "Come On England"


Perfect blog Lev, love it! x

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