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May I respectfully suggest the Philly Cheese Steak as an alternative?

Onions, slowly softened, then add thinly sliced green pepper and mushrooms; give them five minutes or so. Next add your rib steak (lots of nice marbled fat but trim off the excess round the edges) sliced into 1/8 inch slices.

Lay the slices on top of the sizzling onion/pepper/mushroom mix to gently cook and turn when just starting to brown. Cover the cooking meat (and veg) with sliced Monterey Jack (or other melty) cheese and let it melt as the meat cooks to semi-medium-rare-ish.

Split a white submarine roll and spread liberally with Primula or other processed cheese (Cheez Whiz is the ne plus ultra here) then mound on the meaty, cheesy goodness and attempt to form into a sandwich.

Eat. Guiltily.

Runny Thinker

Sounds utterly delicious. But as I was on the M40 at the time it may not have been the most practical choice. Also, those ingredients sound far too high-quality (apart from Cheez Whi. Of course).

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