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The Sis In Law

Sounds about right. Nuff said.


Yep. I CANNOT understand why my e-mail is not clogged with seven figure offers from publishers. I am a genius. Do they not get that? *Snarl*

I like the blog!

How's Mr Twootleberry?


What about stage 11 when, on failing to receive the adulation that is undoubtedly your due from the 'establishment', you publish an 'ironic' website or maybe self-publish your magnum opus with great success, thus proving you were right all along.

It can happen:

Jon M

I'm currently somewhere between stage 3-4. Will you posted!


"The functions of an author and his publisher are quite distinct, a state of affairs which has been humorously expressed by the saying that each regards the other as a necessary evil."
(per Nourse LJ in Malcolm v Chancellor etc of University of Oxford, Court of Appeal, 1990).
It has always been so - get used to it! Simples.

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