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And what sauce would you recommend serving with a Higgs Boson particle?


Actually 7TeV is energy not force. You have to multiply it by mass or add them up or something to get the force.

7TeV is, according to Delia Smith's complete physic's course is "Really quite a lot indeed". Coincidentally its the amount of garlic she puts in her holandaise sauce. Particles weigh "not very much at all".

So combining "really quite a lot indeed" of energy with "not very much at all mass" you end up with "a boringly normal amount of force".

Its all explained in a video:


Please be aware that this video has been assessed by the BBPC and given a rating of 1.9. This means that whilst the film contains no nudity, violence or other adult themes, it does contain a high quantity of dancing physicists. Parents are, therefore, advised not to show it to small children or indeed anyone else, ever.

Rhiannon Paine

Please don't tempt me with recipes of this kind. I can't even look at a Higgs Boson particle without gaining weight.

The Sis In Law

I've never been that good at the whole folding an egg in to stablise it thing. What do you get without the egg? Other than black hole sucking sized universal destruction, that is?

I have to say, you're building up a nice repertoire of music, science and food. Get all three into one blog and you're rocking


Robert Onslow

Yours is, if I might say so, the "microwave" version of the Higgs Boson recipe. The slow cook way of rustling up a Higgs Boson is to wait for a spontaneous proton decay. To do this: (i) dig a hole in the ground; (ii) put a large tank in the hole with a chair next to it; (iii) fill the tank with water; (iv) sit on the chair and watch the tank of water for a very, very long time; (v) no I mean for a very very very long time, possibly for ever.


I'll have pink custard on mine, please.


Yummy. But I query point 2. If you have the window open you don't get a big bang when everything hits the glass on the way out. Just a theoretical short cut but might save a lot of hassle and brainpower.

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