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speaking as a fellow gadget-o-phile I understand your pain ... the tradeoff between keeping what you already have and going for that lovely, shiny, new, must-have-it-thedaybeforeyesterday thing.

World changing - don't know about that, but *glances furtively about* they're after me as well *hides*


Buying an iPad is the technology equivalent of buying a valve trombone. Quirky, but unnecessary and frankly excessive.

The Butler

Being a bit of an Apple geek myself... I can see absolutley no value in the ipad that I don't already have in my house full of istuff....it doesn't fill any holes that my iMac,
MacBook pro, and iphone can't fill. So in true Apple fashion.... I already have my iPad on pre-order!!!!

Lev Parikian

Thanks all for your comments. I think it might be world-changing (certainly more than the valve trombone). The world of publishing has some serious decisions to make. I can see that people who are likely to buy this are going to load it up with a few eBooks (whether they read them or not is another matter). These people would never have bought a Kindle, and the reading experience on the iPhone isn't that special. Adequate and convenient, but not special. The reading experience on the iPad looks as if it will be very enjoyable, and there will be an interactivity that will make it that much more attractive to non-or-not-very-often-readers. Children will love it too, and it opens up all sorts of possibilities for interactive video-picture-game-books. For education purposes there are serious possibilities too, already hinted at in a demo by Penguin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdExukJVUGI. And I wonder if it mightn't be about right for music (in time): imagine a device that delivers ultra-legible music, and turns the pages for you because it recognises the music that is being played. Assuming, that is, that you're playing it right...There is already an app for it...
David - I'm with you!


I bet they find the Higgs Boson down the back of the sofa in the staff room at CERN, along with 57 euros in loose change, half a Mars Bar, several small solar systems and a variety of assorted nuts and bolts. Y'know, the usual stuff...


Do they make pockets bigger?

The Sis In Law

The ipocket! Surely the PTB are at work on one of those already? It looks like a big iphone to me and I don't even have one of them! Most important qu with any new Apple tech.... how long does the battery last and how hot does it get in the process?

Edward Solomon

I love the valve trombone analogy. However, my preference is an adapted quote from Blackadder: "Making an iPad is like fitting wheels to a tomato, time-consuming and completely unnecessary."

Dan Holloway

You know we're dedicating an anthology to the Higgs Boson over at Year Zero? I'm sure Marcella would love you to contribute


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