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Ooh, Topic and Drifters are my absolute favourites! We are in an impasse, a sweet, chocolatey impasse. Now to go spend all my pocket money in the local shop...

Rhiannon Paine

Galaxy for me. My English friends keep telling me it's naff, but I see it's made your list. In California, I like Dove, See's (especially Scotch mallows), and (San Franciscan) Ghirardelli, but can't stand Hershey's. Totally with you on the importance of chocolate in "candy."


This is a pretty comprehensive list but you've missed out Star Bars and M&Ms, I think? And I don't care what you say, Curly Wurlys are for life, not just for childhood.

Lev Parikian

Thanks for the early comments everyone.
Coara - sweet and chocolatey is how I like my impasses.
Rhiannon - I hoped you wouldn't be miffed that I ignored US 'candy'. In my experience it's a completely different (and frankly pretty horrible to my buds) taste. Agree re Hershey's. Galaxy is always promising but I always find something nicer.
Tam - I know you're right re CWs and I will rectify the situation as soon as I can. I've never counted M&Ms because they started in America, but of course are now well-established here. Star Bars! I bow to your expertise. Which list, though?


You're right about Milk Ways, Lev. Everytime I've ever eaten one I immediate want another one, yet I've never brought two in one go.

Thank you for the nougat of wisdom.


I don't eat Yorkies any more. The manufacturers said that they weren't for girls.


Star Bars are in the Creme da la Creme category, anyone who thought of putting chocolate, peanut butter and caramel together deserves the Nobel Prize for confectionary.
Bought a five pack of Curly Wurly's and gave one with Gareth last week. Somehow like most sweets they're not as big as they were whe I was 10. Maybe that's why I had to eat four of them.


Oh and you forgot Fry's Turkish Delight, the perfect way to temporarily fuse your gums together.

Talli Roland

Where oh where are the M&Ms?

I never understood Fruit n' Nut. Just... wrong.


First of all, Cadbury, Mars or Nestle? I prefer Mars chocolate as a base and as a bar - AKA Galaxy. I notice you didn't include any grown up chocolate like Green and Blacks. I can't tell you the number of times I've plumped for some sort of 70% cocoa chocolate and then thought, poop, this stuff is crap. (Of course, the use of poop and crap in that sentence must mean I was channeling a totally difference use for dark choc!)

Anything that involves a mixture of chocolate and something else means either biting all the chocolate off first (kitkat, penguin, maltesers, crunchie, creme egg - yes of course that's messy) or trying to leave the chocolate until last (mars, bounty, minstrels).

Revels are all about living dangerously - will it be a malteser or will it be the dreaded coffee or even more evil orange. Buttons in Revels are so much nicer than normal buttons though - what's that all about? Different chocolate brand maybe.

I remember I used to eat curly wurlys in a very strange way, nibbling one 'branch' at a time. I think anything with a large proportion of toffee in it is just too sweet now which is why they don't appeal anymore.

How could you not include toblerone - probably in the 'only allowed to eat one piece at a time' category. I still feel guilty if I eat more than one After Eight. Oh and what about 'ze ambassador, 'e is spoiling us' ferrero rocher.

Talking of choc ads, Cadbury currently win hands down with their glass and a half ads - particularly the gorilla ad but what would chocolate be without 'only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate tastes like chocolate never tasted before.'

Were Dime bars the ones with mint cracknell in the middle. What the hell IS mint cracknell anyway? Always looked like a chemistry experiment gone wrong.

Any chocolate that is flavoured orange goes into my 'meh' category. Even that expensive stuff that the Dutchy of Cornwall does with candied orange skin doesn't cut it, for me.

My all time favourite chocolate is probably a galaxy bar (for comfort sessions at home) seconded by maltesers when at the cinema - particularly in a box, spending the whole film trying to stop them rolling around and annoying the hell out of everyone else. And I still don't feel grown up enough to go out and buy a box of After Eights.

Haven't eaten much chocolate recently. Feeling very nostalgic and hungry now.... THANKS, Lev!

Claire Constable

Good stuff Lev.Can't agree re Bountys(Bounties?) though,I still love them!Wasn't there something in the chocolate bar line back in t'seventies called "Amazin Raisin" or something?used to like them,unless I'm mistaking them for something else!Am still q partial to Galaxy,KitKat and Cadburys Whole Nut/Fruit and Nut,esp whilst driving on the M1 northbound...American chocolates are indeed terrible,though I have eaten them whilst in the US,just to show willing.

Claire Constable

ps.a number of my friends seem to be obsessed with Cadburys Creme Eggs,but I have always thought they were vile(the eggs,not my friends).

Elly Fisher

Can we expect expect a gelatine-based sweet sequel? _That_ I could get excited about.

The Flame haired temptress

After much discussion, I have realised that it is a miracle that the Runny man and I are married. I love nearly all the sweets in the repulsive list although like him haven't actually eaten a wagon wheel, walnut whip or bounty since I was a child! We checked yesterday and rolo's are still just yummy and the boy thought 'a finger of fudge' totally scrumptious and it went down in about two chomps.
I'm afraid though what should be in the 'yuk disgusting' category is anything chocolate involving peanuts - eughaghurghpah!!!!!!!


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