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Yay! Curly Wurly—chewy chocolate amazingness. I visited a friend in Canada a few months ago and all she wanted was a Curly Wurly. I think she was more excited about them then me. I was a good friend and brought 50, very few of which survived my eight day trip!

What bar is next?



And a finger of fudge was NEVER enough.

What? I'm the first?

Lev Parikian

Second actually Laura - Ciara is not one to miss out on chocolate-related things.
Ciara - I could easily devote the whole blog to daily chocolate updates, but have a feeling that CFS (Confection Fatigue Syndrome) could set in amongst my small but very select readership. 50 Curly Wurlys might see me through to the weekend.


Not only are they smaller than when I were a nipper, they are less chewy as well. I think there should be a Campaign for Real Curly Wurlys.


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