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Agreed with everything, as always, although I do like 'text giving' for easy, guilt-assuaging, one stop fund raising. Someone reputable gives me a short number and a cause and, bish bash bosh, there goes another fiver. (Hmmmm hope the telephone company isn't getting too big a cut). OK, OK I'm heading off to a charity 'boutique' right now, all right?

Oh and why do Chuggers always stand on the way to stations - there's a reason I've got my head down and I'm walking fast, you know.


Chuggers will, however, free you if you say you're a student. I believe there are two principal reasons for this: 1) they know that your donations will dry up when into 'overdraft alley' at the end of term and 2) most of them are students themselves and fear being ousted from their job by you, should you prove to be a more physically attractive candidate.

Lev Parikian

Well now I feel old. Never knew they were called 'chuggers'. And I forgot about text giving. And the chances of my persuading a chugger that I'm a student are as slim as a 2010 Curly Wurly.

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