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No really, agreed. It's scary really.

Also 364 days of the year, we teach our children not to take sweets from strangers. The other one, it's supposed to be the best fun ever, particularly with that extortion bit as back up.

Rhiannon Paine

Great list, but then I'm bah-humbug about most holidays (including American Thanksgiving: assemble relatives, pretend you all get along, and eat enough food to feed a starving village). But I loved Halloween as a kid because you didn't have to be "good" (by the grownups' often baffling standards) to get treats. By contrast, Santa Claus seemed like God, an enforcer of proper behavior. These days when kids are freer and get to eat candy all the time, which my mom didn't allow, Halloween has perhaps lost some of its goblin-market, forbidden-fruits flavor.

Lev Parikian

Laura - good point.
Rhiannon - likewise. I suppose I am talking from the point of view of the worthy parent who doesn't want his little bub getting into trouble.

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