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Simon de Souza

Brilliant Lev. I too miss Simon Hopkinson in the Independent, although I quite enjoy his successor Mark Hix. I worship daily at the altar of Nigel and my copies of his incomparable books show the signs of much usage. So if you recommend this newcomer as bing even better in shall hi me to my local book emporium and give it a whirl!


Good present than? Remember 23 jan

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Nice effort! This is really great work. Thank you for sharing such a useful piece of information here in the blog.


I loved that Hopkinson roast chicken book so much I had to buy my own copy when my sister moved out.


Did you watch Toast lat night? I thought it was lovely.

I have nearly finished Twoots, BTW. Sorry for taking so long...


Oh, and Happy New Year!

antonia beamish

Hey Lev, what a lovely review I shall forward to Niki forthwith... Yes we too love Nigel though after watching Toast last week Casey(mcglue)said he may not be able to read Nigels recipes again because it was all SO tragic... It was too! Did you know that Heston Blumenthals guilty pleasure is supermarket issue prawn cocktail in a plastic tub... his fridge is never with out it.

Like you writing and glad you enjoyed the mince pies... see you soon

antonia beamish

sorry typo..like youR writing!

Lucy  Pavia

'alarm bells ring in my head like the triangle part in the last movement of Dvorak’s Cello Concerto' - brilliant. All this talk of food is making me hungry!


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