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1. Was there a conclusion to the dilemma/dilemna dilemma/dilemna?
2) Which spellchecker did you use for this blog post?
3) I met His Holiness The Almighty Kermode once, on the beach in Cannes. It was the Film Festival so we talked films of course. I also seem to remember he liked my cowboysunhat.
4) Have I told you the one about the Aussies on a train from St Pancras to Nottingham, asking if this was the train to Loogabarooga?
5) Condemn is a bit like dilemna... wonder if that's where the confusion comes from and whether condemn should actually be condemm...

Lev Parikian

1. Sorry, thought it was clear. Dilemma is the only way to spell dilemma. Nobody seems to know where dilemna came from.
2. I dont use a spellchecker. They are liable to allow such things as I combed my hare. If Im not sure I look it up in the dickshonery.
3. Kudos. I bet he liked your cowboy sunhat more than he liked Cannes.
4. Roffle. I once convinced a Canadian friend of Wife Number One that Peebles was pronounced Pebbles by the locals.
5. Maybe somebody got confused, but Im guessing theyre from different roots. Condemn seems like it comes from the same place as damn (and maybe indemnity and other similar words? Latin? Will now look it up.

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Hugh Lydon

I am currently learning Irish. The majority of sentences, when compared to their translation into English, seem to contain about triple the number of words. Their numbers can be pronounced, and spelt, is at least four different ways, and their alphabet only recently acknowledged that the letter 'v' exists.

Now that's a bonkers language.


Welsh is missing some letters too. And has a nice line in bonkers series-of-consonants-without-a-vowel-in-sight words. Oh and, as my father is so keen to illustrate, mutations!
"Welsh has a system of mutations which affects the initial letters of words. This feature is common to all Celtic languages and can make it difficult to find words in dictionaries."

Philip Austin

Ghoti. Fish respelt.

I do like ghoughghough though - it reads like one of those laughter-turned-into- writing words (such as mwaaahahahaha). Perhaps the abortive laugh of a jolly, sixty a day, thirty-two stoner that turns from laughter into a ten minute coughing fit.

Chris Johns

Don't nkurrij him, Philip.
Er, Gh as in cough, ti as in Titian (2nd okrnce), o as in ? (Its less than 60 years since I was taught this, but more than 50, so I've forgotten).
Does one learn Irish, or does it just float to the top?


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